Benefits to Users

1) MeraArea is the first ever online avenue giving an opportunity for a small & mid sized business to not just list the business, but also advertise and woo the local community along with a global presence and at costs which are equivalent to listing the business on other business listing websites. (First ever Online Advertising Platform for small & mid sized businesses).

2) Though the focus is more on small & mid sized businesses but at the same time reaching other areas as well, as we are not just limited to a particular area like many other local websites which hardly manage to survive and at times duping hard earned money from small businesses.

3) Saving more than 80% on advertisement compared to advertising at local events and comparatively high reach towards potential customers as Online Business directories is an inexpensive way to increase your online visibility and customer footfall.

4) Advertiser/Store owner have option of listing the business and gradually upgrade to Advertisements as the business grows. (Option of Listing and Upgrading to Advertisements)

5) Businesses get an opportunity to become global and grow faster through online promotions.

6) Businesses get an opportunity to connect with the youth and masses directly through social media. (Local Business connecting with customers through Social Media)

7) Promotional campaigns to promote local business through local community events like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, etc. thus helping to get more and more clicks. (Promotional Campaigns in local events)

8) Along with the listing and advertisement options for the small & mid sized businesses MeraArea is a unique website giving all the local news as well a brief history about the area which you may be surprised to know at times. (Get the latest news and know the history and importance of Local area)

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